Larsen & Thompson Peppermint Leaves
Larsen & Thompson Peppermint Leaves


Peppermint Leaves

Unlike cruder, broken types, this whole-leaf Polish peppermint offers more of itself to impart a rare subtlety in both flavour and aroma. Thought to aid digestion and invigorate tissues, Larsen & Thompson Peppermint is a tempting tisane for all seasons.


Your palate is your own. And because each batch of Peppermint
is unique, experiment with how much you use and how long
you infuse. Try one small level teaspoon per cup of boiling
water in your pot. Infuse for at least thirty seconds.
If too weak, re-infuse, if too strong, dilute.
You're in charge - so experiment to find the
brew that suits you. There's a lot of flavour
stored in these leaves so feel free to
re-infuse them again and again.