Larsen & Thompson Jungle Green
Larsen & Thompson Jungle Green


Jungle Green

Tea has been grown in the Shan States of Myanmar since the 14th Century but its cultivation remains an intensely personal cottage industry. This Oolong-style jungle tea has a rich, earthy flavour slightly smudged with smoke. Made in the traditional style, it was picked and produced in the highest jungle country of the Golden Triangle.

This is the 'folk' tea of Burma's high elevation forest land.

Lightly rolled and surprisingly tippy, this muscular leaf produces a smoky-flavoured liquor with a distinctive floral aftertaste.

Steep in just boiled water at least three to five minutes. The leaves may be used more than once. For a redder, toastier, more "biscuity" aroma and flavour, Burmese families often re-roast this tea in a clay pot over an open fire before brewing.

To achieve a similar result, roast a small amount of
tea in a frying pan over medium to high heat; toss occasionally and be careful not to burn the
leaves. Alternatively, lay a thin carpet of
dry leaves on a baking tray and bake for a
few minutes in a hot oven.