Bing Cha

Larsen & Thompson Bing Cha

Puerh Tea

Bing Cha

This is the Tea of Emperors.

Exclusively reserved for imperial enjoyment until modern times, puerh and the shadowy secrets of its manufacture have been in the hands of a select coterie of Yunnan tea masters since the Tang Dynasty, more than 1,000 years ago.

Then and now, the most revered puerh is picked from
single wild tea trees.

Unlike all other teas, puerh undergoes a secondary fermentation and is then compressed into
discs called Bing Cha.

The Larsen & Thompson selected
Bing Cha you have purchased is an
aged puerh with little of the
bitterness and astringency of
younger, brasher versions.

Brewed respectfully, it will exhibit
hints of camphor, with rich herbal
notes and aromas of dried fruit.
The rich, opaque liquor is smooth
with a touch of bitterness.
The mouthfeel is pleasant and the
aftertaste, sweetly persistent.