Larsen & Thompson Assamese Gamcha Gift Set


Assamese Gamcha Gift Set

In Assam, the gamcha – an ornate, hand-woven cotton shawl – is presented to honoured guests and loved ones. It is also used to wrap deities during worship and presented as dowry items. Most often, the gamcha is hand-loomed and woven at home using various motifs including conch shells, peacocks and assorted floral and geometrical designs. Sizes vary, but 60cm X 120cm seems average.

Here at home, where deities go unwrapped and dowries are rare, gamcha can be used as table-cloths, table runners or food covers for outdoor dining.

Then, to complete the gift, we include two packs of Assamese DUAMARA TGFOP, a stylish and distinctly Assamese tea with a round, mellow, rich and full flavour.